Will there be adverts other than for class teachers eg Sen, upper school subject teachers, leadership roles, music etc.2019-04-17T16:11:19+00:00

Yes. We are currently looking to see what the skill sets are of the class teachers applying and adverts for other staff will go out once we have established the need.

Are you committed to employing specialised handwork, music, gardening, woodwork teachers to offer a full Waldorf curriculum rather than relying on volunteers?2019-04-17T16:06:49+00:00

Yes, we are committed to providing a rich and diverse curriculum. We aim to have the right people for the right job and will select the best people to teach a subject. However, offers of volunteers to contribute to our children’s learning can bring huge inspiration to young people and we will be open to such situations. We are currently looking to see what the skill sets are of the class teachers applying and adverts for specialist teachers will be created based on the need after this round of recruitment.

Will the school offer sibling discounts?2019-04-17T16:02:44+00:00

Our sibling discount is as follows:


Eldest child pays full annual fees
2nd child has 15% deducted from their annual fees
3rd child has 25% deducted from their annual fees

Will you be using blackboards or smart boards?2019-04-25T11:16:42+00:00

The blackboard is an invaluable artistic tool for Steiner/Waldorf teachers in the lower school. Smart boards and other technological tools will be introduced for older pupils where it supports their education.

What is your stance on ICT?2019-04-25T11:17:56+00:00

As is custom in Waldorf settings we avoid the use of ICT with the younger pupils and encourage parents to provide as much ‘screen free’ time for their children as possible. ICT will be used with older pupils where it supports their education, but it will always be used in a supporting role and not to replace the teacher.

What is the difference between Waldorf and Steiner?2019-04-17T15:59:13+00:00

There is no difference between the terms Steiner and Waldorf. Rudolf Steiner is the Austrian philosopher whose thoughts on child development have formed the basis of the Steiner/Waldorf curriculum. Waldorf relates to the Waldorf Astoria Factory whose owner asked Rudolf Steiner to develop a programme of lectures for his workers and later, at the request of the workers, to develop a school. Both words are used to describe the same approach.

What does ‘Waldorf Inspired’ mean?2019-04-17T15:47:33+00:00

Teachers will get their inspiration from the Waldorf curriculum and the underpinning vision of child development including how they learn. We will teach the Waldorf curriculum and aim to enrich the curriculum with best practice from other settings across the world, where we compatible with our vision of developing maturity, resilience and innovative thinking.

We are open to some changes to the traditional curriculum where we know that the 21st Century requires knowledge and skills that were not prevalent at the time the curriculum was first created. The design of the curriculum is currently being created by the Education and Leadership Team of Avanti Foundation and specialist educationalists from the Waldorf education community.

Do you allow people to volunteer?2019-04-17T15:44:20+00:00

There will be opportunities to volunteer at Langley Hill Independent school. We welcome the involvement of the community. Please see http://langleyhill.org.uk/volunteering/