Why we’re here

Langley Hill Independent School exists to help each person become a well-rounded human being and make the world a better place.


LHIS is a Waldorf-inspired school and will have the following additional key features:

  1. A phasic, thematic curriculum, offering experiences that match and support the internal development of both psychology & physiology, cognition and consciousness.
  2. Project based and deeper learning (including main lesson blocks) that encourages meta-cognition and learning to learn.
  3. A delayed formal teaching of literacy and numeracy through a multi-sensory and context-rich approach to learning, building on their excellent oral development, followed by accelerated progression.
  4. Purposefully low-technology environments in the Primary years so as to optimise the individual generation of imagery, and in the Secondary years with carefully constructed curriculum to provide meaningful learning in and through technology.
  5. The immediacy of industry (arts and crafts through all phases) and an aesthetic engagement with environment and place.

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