Learning with the Head, Heart and Hand

Develops adults who

  • think clearly and independently
  • feel emotionally connected to the world at large
  • are willing to take initiative to achieve their goals and to contribute to the society.

In a Waldorf education teachers provide a learning environment where students engage with topics through active physical engagement, artistic immersion and intellectual diligence.

Whilst all three elements are always present, the balance changes through the student’s school journey.

The emphasis in kindergarten is on exploring the world through physical engagement; exploring through moving, balancing, touching, experiencing the world, with all its physical, social/emotional and intellectual aspects, practically.

The emphasis in the Lower School years is on exploring topics through artistic engagement, while continuing the practical approach to learning.

The emphasis in the Upper School is on exploring topics through intellectual debate and logical thinking, while continuing the practical and artistic approach to learning


Kindergarten (ages 3-6) is a warm, informal and inviting environment providing physical and emotional security through the rhythms and routines of the day and through self-directed play.

We create a space in which children can experience the goodness of the world and become absorbed in free imaginative play, which is the real work in childhood.

Children delight in the freedom of play inside and outside, in all weather! Splashing in puddles. Building dens. Sowing seeds. In these everyday rhythms, children maintain their childhood, as they grow physically and in understanding. They enjoy limitless inspirations for their imagination and apply their innate curiosity to learn by experimenting, while also developing resilience and a deep appreciation for their environment.

Storytelling is woven throughout our day. Stories which help them question, spark imagination, stir courage and compassion, and a spirit of gratitude. We have unhurried days for children to notice the stories told and those quietly spoken from both within their own inner world, and the natural world around them.

More than anything, we believe children need to love and be loved. Our partnership with parents provides insight into each child’s uniqueness and is essential to our nurturing children who are happy, healthy and secure in every aspect.

Lower School

Our Lower School begins in Class 1 at age 6/7 and continues up to Class 8 at age 13/14. At this age, children learn, grow and flourish under the loving and secure care and direction of the Class Teacher. Lessons begin to become more structured with a variety of creative opportunities available. Practical and creative activities are part and parcel of every lesson. Movement, music, drawing are part of the learning process, whether the lesson is Maths, English, History or Science.

Languages, music, painting, woodwork, drama, yoga, gardening, sports and much more give pupils a holistic education in the hand, heart, and head.

Lower School helps to foster a love of learning and a sense of community and purpose in the children. Their classmates, teacher and even the parents of their friends become a close and caring community. Meaningful school trips are selected to support character development and experiential learning, supporting the topics taught in Main Lesson.

A community and project led approach instills the desire and aspiration in pupils to contribute to improving the world. Innovation, creative thinking and problem-solving are key aspects of our curriculum.