About LHIS

We are all born with an innate sense of wonder that ignites curiosity and a passion in our hearts to explore and learn about the magical natural world. We nurture our children’s spontaneous responses to the world experiences and enable them to follow their intuition.

Langley Hill Independent School offers a unique and engaging curriculum that draws upon the best of Waldorf principles and respects each child’s individuality whilst inspiring out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, self-expression and realisation of their special personal qualities and talents. . 

We recognise that children are naturally inquisitive, resourceful and resilient and have a deep curiosity to understand the world they see and find their place in it. The school culture is steeped in good storytelling through the years to create a moral framework for the children, and the environment is nurturing, challenging and positive. The curriculum delivers wholesome educational excellence whilst integrating the best of outdoor play, sports, music, yoga and the arts so that pupils can flourish into responsible citizens who have a rich inner life and make rich contributions to their community.

A community and project led approach instills the desire and aspiration in pupils to contribute to improving the world. Innovation, creative thinking and problem-solving are key aspects of our curriculum.

Small class sizes at the school mean closer and meaningful teacher-pupil interactions and individualised learning paths enabling pupils to become active contributors to their own learning. Rich materials are chosen carefully to invite the children into a world of true learning and discovery.

The warm, dedicated and highly qualified teachers weave together an educational feast for the hands, heart and head of each pupil. Skilled in applying current and relevant insights in childhood development, daily class rhythms are crafted to meet the child at each stage of their development and the environment is stimulating and unhurried. The teachers share the school goal to provide each child with a strong foundation for academic success based on their individual strengths.

Embracing the outdoor classroom is at the core of the school’s ethos. From climbing trees to building dens, sowing seeds to measuring sprouts, or observing animals in their natural habitat to weather analysis, spending time in nature is now well documented to help children to discover their self-esteem and grow in confidence. In these everyday plays, children maintain their childhood whilst laying down the rails for academic success.

Yoga and mindfulness are taught by specialist teachers to nurture the developing child’s mind, and are also fundamental to the learning that takes place at the school to support the whole child – physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. It is well established that bodily movement affects brain chemistry and educating children to become aware of this body-mind connection empowers them to take responsibility for their own learning. Combined with promoting a vegetarian diet, the culture of the school is shaped to cultivate amongst the children a spirit of gratitude and a culture of respect for themselves, for each other and for their environment.